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Temporary solution to performance bottlenecks in Japan

  • 25th March 2023
We have observed that the I/O performance of the storage system in Japan has reached a performance bottleneck, and the smoothness of the Windows experience of users who currently have servers in the Japanese region will be affected to a certain extent.   Our temporary solution is to use redundant enterprise computing resources until we solve ...
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Japan 02 node failure

  • 8th March 2023

Due to the hardware failure of node 02 in Japan, the instances under node 02 were affected, and the failure has been recovered.

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Hong Kong Distributed Storage System Completed Upgrade

  • 27th February 2023
Respected user:       We have completed the upgrade of the Hong Kong Distributed Storage System (CEPH). The solution has been upgraded from the original mixed flash HDD+SSD cache mode to an all-flash SAS SSD solution. The I/O performance has been improved by more than 7 times after testing. The upgrade process has been completed and users will ...
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Announcement on the Cessation of Operation of the Old System in Japan

  • 19th February 2023
Respected user:       We will stop the operation of the old system in Japan on February 28, 2023. Please pay attention to whether your instance has the word "old" in the available area. If it is, it is the old system architecture. Please stop renewal for users with this word , You can open a work order to contact us to transfer the time that ...
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