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Reduced bandwidth specifications for traffic-based products

  • 30th November 2022

due to operational issues.

All HKG-CN2 traffic type products are permanently adjusted to reduce the bandwidth to 80Mbps.

Purchased products remain unchanged.

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The old system IP of Hong Kong has been re added to the new system

  • 28th November 2022

The original 216 address has been reorganized and added to the new system. The random allocation principle cannot be specified.

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Black Friday Discount

  • 25th November 2022
1. We launched a new product - high-performance AMD EPYC instances. Sample test report:   2. Storage expansion and upgrade for new purchases of old products: Compared with the original product, the capacity of system disk and storage disk is permanently increased by 25% (New purchases only, original ...
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Announcement on the transfer of the old host in Hong Kong

  • 3rd October 2022

We will aggregate and transfer the old hosts in the Hong Kong region.

Some old hosts of 216.83.X.X will be moved.

Some host CPUs will change, such as E5-2660-V2 will become E5-2680-V4

During the host transfer, we try to ensure that there is no perception, please forgive me for the inconvenience.

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