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Q1: Is the IP a local address (original IP)?

A: We first need to declare: native IP is a pseudo-concept. If the answer is based on the IP address database, then the result depends on the website you are querying. We generally use https://www.iplocation.net/ip-lookup to check the location of the IP. We consider it to have reached more than three destinations. That is, it meets the requirements of IP ownership. If you have strict requirements on IP addresses, it is not recommended to purchase our services.


Q2: How to get a refund if it is not applicable?

A: At present, we only refund the balance, and the following conditions must be met:

1. Within 24 hours.

2. There is no ban on IP. (based on https://ping.pe)

3. There is no traffic abuse. (traffic based on data at the time of refund)


Q3: Is there a test address?

A: https://totyun.com/knowledgebase/2


Q4: If there is a difference in payment using the balance, can the final difference be combined for payment?

A: Yes.


Q5: Does the balance support withdrawal?

A: Not currently supported.


Q6: Can you build a VPN?

A: Yes, but we do not provide additional support for VPNs.


Q7: Why is the bandwidth insufficient?

A: There are many factors, which may depend on the other party’s server bandwidth, line congestion, etc. Our standard is that the local server reaches 95% of the purchased bandwidth, which is considered qualified. For example, if you purchase in Hong Kong, it reaches 95% in Hong Kong.


Q8: Why are there more USDT payments?

A: Due to the high processing fees, we discourage users from using USDT. The current ratio is 1.15 USD (±0.001~0.005).


Q9: How to renew the suspended machine? How long do you keep expired unrenewed servers?

A: Users can pay attention to the clear status of the server, which are "running", "paused" and "deleted". The server in the "paused" status can be automatically restored directly with the corresponding bill payment, and the server in the "deleted" status is permanently considered It cannot be restored. The overdue server will be retained for the user for at most five days. It will be deleted at 15:00 on the five day after it expires and cannot be restored. Please do not pay for servers in "Deleted" status.


Q10: How do I know about the region/country web streaming website access restrictions?

A: We do not have the ability to "unblock streaming media". This is a country or region restriction and does not belong to our management scope. An IP address that can pass through a country's firewall does not mean that this IP address can access all streams in this country. Media websites, some streaming media operators may restrict some IP addresses that they do not want to be accessed, which is not within our management scope, users can test it on our test page before purchasing, and repeat: Yes IP addresses have strict requirements, and it is not recommended to purchase our services.


Q11: Can I upgrade my current server?

A: Yes, work order processing needs to be activated, and can only be upgraded based on the package. Single attributes cannot be upgraded.


Q12: What is the difference between each network line?

A: The full name of CIA is China International Access, which includes direct connection optimization to the Chinese region, which is the first choice for users in the Chinese region; the full name of GIA is Global International Access, international lines, without any optimization for the Chinese region.


Q13: How to change the IP address of the current server?

A: We need to initiate work order processing and prepare the corresponding bill. To replace the IP, we need to pay 5 USD and ensure that the replaced IP can pass the ping.pe test.(After replacing the IP address of the same server more than 3 times, the fee will be doubled, and the maximum number of replacements shall not exceed 5 times) If a newly purchased server has purchased IP protection services and encounters regional blockages with the initial IP address, it can directly enjoy a replacement IP service.

Detailed announcement: https://totyun.com/announcements/73/Update-of-new-purchase-rules.html


Q14: How to replace or upgrade a product that is not suitable?
A: If the purchased product is not suitable and needs to be replaced, please initiate a work order and meet the following conditions:
1. If the region is changed, the used traffic cannot exceed 5%. Changing the region will destroy the current server. If upgrading and changing regions require additional price differences, we will prepare corresponding bills.
2. There is no IP ban. Based on https://ping.pe )
3. First time replacement, and can only be done once.


Q15: Is there any additional traffic that can be purchased when the traffic is exhausted? Is your flow control technology standardized? Is my server being attacked counted in the traffic statistics?

A: If the traffic is exhausted, we can only wait for the next renewal day for the system to reset the traffic. There are no additional traffic packages to purchase, and everything is designed and configured according to the specifications. If it exceeds the specifications and generates additional traffic, the price is not affordable for normal users. We believe that it is not necessary to purchase extended traffic packages. Users are advised to plan their traffic usage and ensure server security to prevent traffic loss caused by intrusion into the zombie network.

Our network devices are equipped with industry standardized traffic control technology, and communication between devices is not included in user traffic statistics. The traffic meter in the user server management interface is at the operating system level, and you can trust this traffic meter.

When a server is attacked by DDOS, our traffic analysis system will react within seconds, sealing the server network into a black hole system. The attack traffic will not flow into the user level network system, nor will it be counted in the traffic meter of the user server management interface.


Q16: Can I apply to adjust a server to expire at the same time as my other server?

A: Yes, open the work order description, we will prepare a time difference bill for you, and notify us of adjustments after the payment is completed.


Q17: Are you sure your server network bandwidth is exclusive?

A: Yes, we have not considered creating a shared bandwidth product at the moment. The bandwidth of all products is exclusive, as we have configured a maximum outbound bandwidth of 20 to 40Gbps for each computing node to ensure that every user can exclusively enjoy the bandwidth labeled in our existing products.


Q18: How to perform configuration downgrading, such as downgrading 3 IPs to 1 IP and downgrading 4C8G to 2C4G?

A: Yes, but with conditional limitations; Please open the work order to indicate the server that needs to be downgraded. The server will be restarted once and then the downgrade will be completed. The downgrade does not support refunds for the remaining price difference. When the renewal period is monthly, to prevent abuse, it is necessary to use it for at least 3 months before the IP quantity and configuration can be downgraded. Please confirm your needs when purchasing,Hardware configuration and single attribute degradation of traffic cannot be performed.


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