Pre-purchase instructions

Pre-purchase instructions

  • Sunday, 1st August, 2021
  • 16:10pm

Pre purchase instructions:

We don't support the original refund of payment channel. Please determine the demand before purchase.

If the product needs to be replaced due to inapplicability within 24h, the work order of the corresponding instance can be opened, and the money will be returned to the account balance after review for further purchase.(withdrawal is not supported)


Test network:


IP address attribution:

Different IP query websites have different database updates, which are not controlled by us. This is related to the website queried. We choose the one with more real-time international updates , we do not accept refunds on the grounds that the IP does not meet the requirements. If there are special requirements for IP (such as the so-called native IP), it is not recommended to purchase our services.


Technical support:

We do not provide technical support for any software or operating system.

If you need to provide any software technical support after purchase, we recommend you to look for other service providers.

Support provided only:

1. Network failure (the external network cannot be traceroute inside the instance, the external network cannot be traceroute to the instance, and the failure detection of TCP and UDP port).

2. The host hardware of the instance is faulty or damaged.


Possible problems during purchase:

1.Why is it still waiting after payment?

The payment process must be complete. If you do not jump to the payment completion interface normally, an instance will appear waiting.


2.How to resolve instances that are still waiting after payment?

Service → my service → find the waiting instance → bill → view details → show that the instance can be opened after payment is completed.

If there are other abnormal problems, please contact us or start work order processing.


3.How to avoid an instance that is still waiting after payment?

Please don't close the page in such a hurry when paying. Wait for 5 seconds and close it when the system jumps back to our page to avoid untimely renewal

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