1. Payment and renewal

01) We accept Paypal, Credit Card international credit card, USDT, Asiapay (Alipay) payment methods.

02) You must pay before the receipt is due, otherwise we reserve the right to close the receipt.

03) Cart prices are for preview only. Due to exchange rate changes, the bill generated at the time of settlement shall prevail.

04) If the user uses the promotion link of other accounts under his name to bring us invalid promotion, we have the right to seal up the promotion account together with the purchase account and no refund will be given.


2. Technical support

01) It is recommended that users open the work order of the corresponding instance to obtain good service. We will process it as soon as possible, within 24 hours at most. The work order supports Chinese and English communication.

02) We do not provide any technical support for software issues.

03) We guarantee the normal operation of the host hardware, background control panel, and network system.

04) Providing fault data, such as ping, tcping, traceroute can help us determine the problem faster. If the data cannot be provided, we can only conduct basic tests.


3. Refund

01) We do not support the refund of the original payment channel, the refund will only be refunded to the balance, please confirm your needs before purchasing.

02) If the product needs to be replaced, it can be used as the corresponding instance to start the work order (https://totyun.com/knowledgebase/62), and the staff will convert the instance to the product specified by the user after review. If the product price difference needs to be corrected. The original instance will be destroyed by sales, please back up the data by yourself. There is only one chance to replace the purchased product.

03) If the IP address is blocked by the country or region, the refund will not be accepted.


4. Fault acceptance

01) We only guarantee that the network is reachable, but we do not guarantee that the network rate can be fully loaded or reach a certain percentage. Under normal circumstances, the area where the purchase is made can be at full rate. Due to various complex situations such as network attacks and line congestion, everything depends on It depends on the real-time network conditions, and VPN user network rate type work orders will not be accepted.

02) No matter how you submit the fault acceptance, please collect the fault data as much as possible and provide it to us for analysis. We can't deal with it accurately by a few words. We can only conduct a basic check (conduct a global tcp icmp mtr detection on the IP submitting the fault) to find out whether there is a problem.

03) Harmonious communication, insulting and insulting our staff will directly close the work order, endless entanglement will give a warning, and if the warning is invalid, the account will be banned.


Network Test:https://totyun.com/knowledgebase/2


IP address problem:

At present, multiple IPs are not supported, and the database update status of different IP query websites is different, which is not under our control. This is related to the website being queried. We choose https://www.ip2location.com/demo, international real-time updates, and do not accept the reason that the IP does not meet the requirements. If there are special requirements for IP, it is not recommended to purchase our services.


Use restrictions:

Cryptocurrency mining is prohibited on our hosting.

Comply with local laws.


Users who have extremely strict requirements on human services and networks, please do not purchase our services.


Problems you may encounter when purchasing:


1. Why are you still waiting after payment?

The payment process must be completed. If you do not jump to the payment completion interface normally, there will be instances waiting.


2. How to solve the unprocessed instances after payment?

Services→My Services→Find Waiting Instances→Bills→View Details→Display that the payment has been completed and the instance activation has been completed.

If there are other abnormal problems, please contact us or start a work order.


3. How to avoid encountering the situation that the payment has not yet been made?

Please do not close the page in a hurry when paying, and wait for 5 seconds before closing the page when the system jumps back to our page, so as not to update in time.